Get Going Strong on Instagram

Get Going Strong on Instagram

Here are some tips to help get you going strong on Instagram and they all help a little bit. When I put them all together, I got a better effect than when I tried each of them alone. Definitely try each and every one of them though. This is important to the followers you want to gain.

I learned that followers follow because they like what you post and it is all about the photos. I cannot make and Instagram post without a good photo. I could leave a poor photo but it would be pointless. If you have ever noticed, the real winners are the ones that are good.

What defines “good” when it comes to Instagram? Good means that it is a high-resolution photo that really pops with color, emotion, and vitality. That is a simplistic description but you can take a look at popular Instagram photos online and get an idea of what it means.

Once I started posting better photos, I started to get a following. It started by getting more Instagram likes and then it lead up to followers since I was persistent. You can do the same and discover the same for yourself. However, there is more to this than just the photos.

I learned that if I buy active Instagram followers, I get a lot of real followers who will make comments and leave likes. This made all the difference in the world. When you do this, you want to be strategic about it. I did that by distributing the followers over different posts over time.

Be sure to include captions with a call to action. Ideally, you should add hashtags to your captions like I did. I do this to enhance marketing of my products so hashtags are easy to come by for me. You can do the same, just be careful not to add too many. Keep it down to ten or less for ease.

We all want to make it big on Instagram and you can in your own way. It helps to know what your goals are. Break them down into big goals and small goals. Break those down into long term and short term goals. List them out and plan your posts accordingly.

Part of planning your posts means that you should keep track of the results for each in terms of your goals. I do that on a calendar for reasons I will mention here shortly. As I try different tactics like when I buy active Instagram followers, I track whether or not the tactic worked for a given post.

In order to keep up with how often I am posting and to be sure I post enough, I keep a calendar of posts. You should never do more than one post on the same topic per day and you should never do less than one every other day if you want to keep up the momentum.

I found it is vital to engage your followers too. Respond to their comments and like photos on their accounts. Go strong.