Look at Instagram Follower Activity and Engage

Look at Instagram Follower Activity and Engage

I learned how not to post on Instagram early on but we will not get into that here. It is more helpful to describe some tips and how you should look at and engage Instagram follower activity. At times, your followers will do more than just like, they will leave comments.

When they do this, I have found it to be highly valuable to engage them by replying to their comments in a positive manner. Interestingly, this does bring about more likes and followers in the long run so I make it a point to spend time on this every day.

You can tell the activity of your followers by following your own posts. That is one of the best ways since you get constant updates on how things are going with a birds eye view. Any time that you get likes and responses, you need to engage back.

I tried to buy Instagram followers and it works well. You get their activity and their following on your account so it is very practical. I believe it works by leading people to like photos that look like they are popular. When this happens, organic followings grow quickly.

I make sure that every photo I post has vivid, clear colors in them and that they have sharp resolution for all to enjoy. I learned this by looking at other highly successful Instagram photos that have been enjoyed over time. You will simply need to make lots of photos and pick the best each time.

When it comes to using the nifty filters that are provided by Instagram, that is not what is meant by adding color. Sometimes it is fine to use them but do not do it all of the time. Instead, make it an occasional thing. I found that it does not actually improve followings much at all really.

If you decide to buy active Instagram followers, do it with some strategy in mind. I did it with particular campaigns for network marketing so people would look at a post and say, “Wow. Look at how many people are following. This guy has something to watch.”

As it turns out, the tactic worked very well and I got a better following for those campaigns. It was a wise move but not something to rely on. Instead, you will need to rely on content and engagement of your followers, which I will clarify next.

I learned the great importance of following your followers and liking posts that they make too. When I did this, I got even more followers than I did before and they engaged me when I replied to their comments. Now many of them are Facebook friends and loyal followers.

Keep your content fresh and clear under all circumstances. I make sure to go back and look at what I have posted so I can come up with new ideas. You can also get marketing ideas by following other marketers. Really use Instagram for all it is worth.