What Instagram Users Notice Most

What Instagram Users Notice Most

I started an Instagram account for two reasons. First, I wanted to associate more with friends who used the site and put up photos of my own. Second, I want to use it for marketing purposes so I could expand my lead base. I realized quickly that the point is to be noticed and followed.

The first point that people notice is the photos. That is because Instagram is photo based. It is mostly visual based off the idea that a picture is worth so many words. I quickly learned that ordinary photos do not do the trick. They have to be vivid, clear, colorful, and meaningful.

In the beginning, I was not getting many followers. This may have been because I didn’t already have users who would follow my posts. I learned that when you buy followers Instagram users notice this and follow the fact that there are other followers so the photos must be popular.

Aside from this interesting tactic, it is important to use good captions that are catchy. I began doing photos and captions related to the products I sell which are nutritional products. Showing people doing great with their bodies at the gym was a good one for sure and I got to generate leads.

That meant that users notice photos that spark motivation. In the captions I would briefly describe how these people didn’t start out looking so great. In a positive manner, I expressed that it was through exercise and good nutrition that they made these leaps and bounds.

Soon, my photos were being followed more and more. A friend of mine and I decided we would give each other shout outs on each other’s posts and it worked. We each received quite a number of followers as a result and we decided that we would continue to do it every now and again.

Since people were giving good comments and likes, I learned that users notice if you engage them. I began to reply to as many comments as possible, if not all of them and to like the posts of other users who liked my posts. This kind of engagement brought more likes and got me noticed.

If it were up to me, everyone would win with their branding on Instagram but that isn’t always the case. Just follow the basics like I described, I got a pretty good following from the start. I believe it helped that I buy followers Instagram users noticed as a difference in my following. It works too.

In order to keep this upward gain going, I began using more than just the two or three hashtags that I was using. In some posts, I would use ten but I never really went over that even though Instagram allows for up to twenty to be used at each post.

I made the mistake of not posting often enough for awhile and, unfortunately, I lost some of my following. That changed as I began posting daily on a regular basis.